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Music Ground is an international social network. We are seeking for volunteer music lovers to discuss what we can do internationally.  We may organise events for homeless people or for poor children. We need volunteers from all countries. All kind of support will be appreciated. Let's put our powers together and show the world that we can unify the world through music!

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Music Ground is a music based social network that allows you to merge people with same interests. Music Ground is a place that lets you put all of the things that make you you-photos, videos, blogs, sounds, events, forums, blogs, ads-in one place. So you can find friends(and friends can find you).Among the huge number of spaces and communities, you can find common ground with those who are in the circle of your interest.

By using the Music Ground Network You will be able to:

  • Meet people with your commen interests.
  • Be aware of surrounding events and news.
  • Share interesting information with your friends.

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love rachel ross joey chandler


Making new friends from all over the world is so easy.

Soundfly we ride daw in the studio demo recording


Upload your singles and records. Let people listen to you!

ariana grande appearance concerts s ariana grande


Share upcoming events with your friends and attend together.

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videos end together source brings


Upload or embed your favourite videos.

cat selfies

PHOTOS laughing

It is so easy to upload photos and make albumes.

music song group orchestraa httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvd3ppf0evyh0


Are you looking for a band to join?


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We are happy to announce our 1500th follower as of today!

Thank you Bekka Rhose! @brhosey

She is a singer-song writer from Oxford, CT


Follow us on  twitter icon ile ilgili görsel sonucu 

We are happy to get the 1111th follower as of today!

Eneida is a lady that loves all kind of music. She is professor in Puerto Rico. Thank you Eneida! @enyel127

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